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The goal is to release music with Thunderoot and release audio adventures under Sinkhole City Productions.

The plan is to do some limited CD, cassette and eventually vinyl releases of some old underground Hickory music, some of my friends' bands and numerous side bands/projects I like.

I will be posting some songs and videos from the past and present on the website.

So stay tuned for info on upcoming audio adventures, merch and schwag, future releases, more uploads and pictures posted as I go through my "archives".

There's a limited release PUJ CD out in the world now and it's available.  Next up will be some Sinkhole City Productions audio releases.  Lots of shit in the works.

If you're in a local area band and want to do a THUNDEROOT release please get in touch to discuss. 

Also check out the recently updated Sinkhole City Productions page.  If you're interested in doing some voice acting please get in touch with me or Joe Sample.

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